Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sanctuary

My kitchen looks like a "before" picture of a desperately needed remodeling project.  The cabinets are fairly dilapidated and the countertop space, made from chipped, outdated pink formica that doesn't even match up at the seams, is so maddeningly tiny that I end up cutting and stirring on top of the washer and dryer.  (Yes.  We have a full sized washer and dryer right in the middle of the kitchen.) Yet, for me, it is a sanctuary.  When I am cooking, I'm transported to places I only dream of visiting.  On a Saturday morning, I may be a French country wife, whipping up a batch of savory crepes and goat cheese.  An ordinary Tuesday evening finds me baking rosemary schiacciata and mixing a homemade pesto sauce, the owner of a cozy Italian trattoria.  With a few fresh ingredients, a glass of wine, and French Cafe blasting on Pandora, I dance my way around the kitchen, oblivious to the TV and stresses of the day.  In my sanctuary, I am free to experiment, feeling my way through a dish with only the essence of a place to guide me.

It will be some time before I have an "after" picture of my remodeled dream kitchen.  For now I will indulge myself by stocking my cupboards and fridge with such provisions as nicely aged cheeses, fresh herbs and vegetables, organic meats, and quality oils. 

Whether it be a tiny kitchen, flowerbed or cozy closet nook, I believe everyone needs a sanctuary, a place to dream and be.  What's your sanctuary?   

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