Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Past Life of a Socialite

Good Morning


Cutie in Boots

Dinner Party

Dinner Party Bliss

Sunday Morning Beach Breakfast
Sunday Morning

For some reason we have difficulty getting motivated to pack up and head to the beach on a weekend morning.  Yet, every time we do, I'm so glad.  This morning I made crepes with blueberry compote and goat cheese.  We packed up what really did seem like most of our household and made it there in time to beat the crazy beach crowd.  We were rewarded with a full morning of relaxation.  Eating, swimming, climbing coconut trees, soaking up the ocean and sun.  

Come to think of it, I've been blessed this entire weekend.  On Friday we hosted a small dinner party.  My horoscope for the day said that I would enjoy myself, and it couldn't have been more correct.  Everything came together nicely, and we spent the evening engaged in intriguing conversation, eating, drinking and laughing.  It went by in a blur.

I've been thinking lately that I could actually live a wonderfully happy life hosting parties every weekend.  If I had my way, I would own a huge house with a carefully stocked wine cellar, multiple bedrooms, each with an en suite, and an extravagant dinning room. I'd be a fabulous cook and invite the most interesting people over for dinner.  We'd spend the evening eating rich, delicious food and drinking top notch wine.  At the end of the evening, everyone would stumble up to their rooms for the night, filled to the brim with happiness. Perhaps I was a wealthy socialite in a past life.  How about you?  Any inkling about your past lives?


  1. I love to attend wonderful parties, but being the hostess stresses me out :-) I'm pretty sure I was not a socialite in a past life. What a great weekend you had!

  2. Hi Trish,
    First off, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the hedgehog cactus. I also enjoy giving dinner parties but they have to be small as my table holds only six. Actually six people is ideal in my mind. That way the entire table can participate in the same conversation.

  3. Thank you, Jenny. I do well when I can make dishes ahead of time and the house is already clean. When I feel rushed, I tend to get really stressed out.

  4. I agree, Joanna. Six is just about the perfect number. If it's bigger than that, I feel as though I don't get to talk to everyone.