Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sorbetto and Other News

We bought a big tub of lychee sorbetto from Il Gelato, a local gelateria, and it's fair to say that I'm addicted.  So far, I've had a bowl every night.  When lychee are in season, I can't stop popping them in my mouth.  They are quite possibly the most perfect  fruit, so juicy and refreshing, and combined with a light sorbet - ooo lala!  What a pair!

As for other addictions, I've taken up crochet.  It started out as a frustrating endeavor.  When I was younger, I learned to crochet just a single line, but going beyond that was pure mystery.  My mom and sister tried to teach me how to connect rows and single stitches, but every time I attempted to make a simple square, I ended up with a shaky parallelogram.  I'd say my breaking point came when I watched a You Tube video on granny squares.  Working out from a ring makes so much sense.  This gave me the confidence to continue.  You should see me now.  I'm crankin out blankets, coasters, hot pads, and cozys.  I'm especially fond of this coffee mug cozy, which I made for my sister and have yet to ship it off to her. 

I had to share this photo of my son, who recently turned two.  Aside from the major meltdowns in places like the grocery store and the car show, it's a great age.  The things he says just melts my heart and makes me laugh.  Just the other day as I was driving home from work, I hear, "What the heck man!  People don't know how to drive!" coming from a little voice in the back seat.


  1. That cozy looks super cool. Wish I had one.
    I'm so glad you started blogging again. Don't stop sister.

  2. You're the sweetest, Sister. Thank you. And, I'll send your cozy this week.