Wednesday, April 25, 2012

U is for... When Things Get Ugly, Phuket

Life is not always pretty in paradise.  In fact, it can get ugly every now and then. Stress builds, and instead of keeping things in check, ugly words fly.  Over time, I have learned that when I reach my breaking point, it's best for me to leave and take a breather.  Logistically, this does not always happen, but tonight, I was able to get some much needed alone time.`

It may sound strange to some, but every once in a while, I crave a dinner out by myself.  I think treating myself to a special dinner helps me to reconnect with my soul.  My mind can wander wherever it wants.  I can breath and decompress.

Tonight, I chose to unwind by way of a nice green seafood curry at Phuket Thai- a restaurant that has great food, a relaxing atmosphere, and outside seating.  It was a rare treat that I was able to sit outside, completely alone, taking in the cool evening breeze and listening to cheesy eighties love songs.  Whatever ugly words were said will eventually have to be dealt with, but, for now, their sting has started to subside.


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