Saturday, April 14, 2012

L is for... Lucky Live Hawaii and Likelike

This month's feature article in Honolulu Magazine is titled, "Is Hawaii Worth It?"  It's an honest question for anyone who has tried to make a life here.  Although it is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Hawaii is also crowded, isolated, expensive, and, at times, culturally tense.   

Even though, there is a saying among locals -  Lucky Live Hawaii - which affirms that the people of Hawaii are incredibly proud of their state.   Surprisingly, it has taken me quite a while to realize just how lucky I am to live in Hawaii.  Like most people from the "Mainland" or "Continental U.S.", I came here expecting to live a simple island life.  I had never considered the downside of living on a highly developed, resource limited, small island. 

Yet, over the years, I have come to love more about Hawaii than the spectacular beaches and beautiful blue Pacific water.  Here are just a few things that I love about this Aloha state.

In general, people are particularly generous and caring

Most times, the weather is wonderful.

Our family has many opportunities to be outside.

We can go on a mini-vacation to the beach every weekend.

Compared to other places in the U.S., Honolulu is very safe.

By law, women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere in public.

Employees who work 20 hours or more are entitled to health insurance benefits.

Healthy, delicious food is easy to find.

Family is a priority for most people.

I don't have to have two wardrobes. 

The air and water are clean.

What do you love most about your home?

Side Note:  

When visiting Honolulu, you may want to take the Likelike Highway across the island.  And, like some people I know, you may call up your friends and family and say, "Hey, I'm on the Like Like Highway!"  Just so you know, it is pronounced leekay leekay.




  1. I'm glad to have found your blog via A to Z. I visited Kauai once years ago and would love to get back to Hawaii. I do love living in Colorado. It's beautiful and sunny and there's lots to do. It would be nice to have an ocean close by, though :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting, Jenny. Yes, Kauai is probably the most beautiful island. If you like oceans and mountains, perhaps you would like to visit the Big Island.

    I'm from Oklahoma, so our family would visit Colorado often. You are lucky to live there. Such majestic beauty!